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The farm consists of a large area of green, with the possibility of training-camp workout.

All subjects of Livestock Black Pearl home Cassano, playing places are provided on the certification essenzione hip and elbow dysplasia, DNA tests, patents and training selection.

In addition to ensuring the quality of their products both at the genetic health.

It also offered a practical and psychological support, as a guide for both breeding and possibly training your dog in a very friendly atmosphere.
Experience and availability for the benefit of our 4-legged friends.



After the purchase of a German shepherd on the farm house of the Black Pearl Farm Cassano you can count on the following services.

-if you require help in the growth of the puppy.

-technical and veterinary support.

Breeding the Black Pearl part every year with its specimens of exposure to important events dedicated to the selection of the German Shepherd (SAS) and competitions organized by 'ENCI.

About us

About us

Let me introduce myself I'm Cassie LUCIO owner of the Black Pearl

Since 1990 I work with passion to the breeding of German shepherd, by selecting only the best players from the point of view that morphological character. All our mares and our stallions are controlled from the health - all official plates and free from hip and elbow dysplasia and very balanced.
My group / team) is formed by people who share a common passion to love the selection of the "real" German Shepherd. The mind that arranges, directs and animates the work that I am through my own experience I can engage and inspire every day all the people who work with me for the continuation and progressive increase of this activity '.
It 's interesting and certainly true to admit that if an activity is done for pleasure, not being subject to economic needs, is conducted with greater enthusiasm that the best guarantee for a superior result.
Breeding German Shepherds, I have always liked, but the satisfaction that I have tried to breed them, as I am doing in recent years, I think that I would never have imagined.
As I was beginning my two daughters cubs important Mardok VALLEY LUJO
 Of course genetics is not mathematics, but when the passion, skills and professionalism are combined, the product that flows from it and certainly excellent.
That first meeting allowed me to forge ahead in this great industry, where of course you never stop learning, but the goal is to try not to ever make big mistakes, to work with honesty and integrity, in compliance with these Our dear friends, who never disappoint us, day after day.
Failing to make important achievements in japan with my sas

 the nature of these dogs is so beautiful and dedicated to the spirit of the herd, do not do any effort to manage them during the daily outputs to make them move, play, train, etc.etc. Sure, I have to make the leader of the pack, but frankly, there never need to intervene because their behavior is truly commendable, no aggression at all times. Today's commitment breeder is that, first of all, to respect animals and then try to understand them and be content at least for the few needs that arise and to repay on time with the feeling of love I feel for them indiscriminately.

We raise our puppies in full respect of their nature. The separation from the mother occurs naturally, or gradually and smoothly, and during the two months spent in breeding, the puppies are properly escorted to socialize with their peers and with man. Primarily for these reasons we strongly recommend our subjects to those who wish to enter a dog in the family.
After the withdrawal of the puppy, please continue to follow our customers, we are always available to provide a good deal of advice and suggestions especially important in the early months of growth.
In fact, the puppy must be followed carefully, making sure trust and constant affection, no doubt the exuberance will lead him to commit any mistake but just take it back with a firm voice - and never using violence - why can understand the mistake and grow by meeting the expectations of the owner in to build an emotional bond with him solid and lasting quality with his instinct led him to defend it without hesitation in case of danger.
Everything I've done so far is certainly not tied to economic interests but solely and exclusively to the passion for the German Shepherd

The German shepherd is very popular also and especially for its versatility. Dog capable of working hard with man in different contexts, from research to the surface guiding blind, dall'antidroga for the therapy, is a trusted guardian of our home and a faithful companion.

when I try to couple with my mares stallions clean in every aspect of health. The parts are played with great stallions studying the morpho-character and pedigree.

I want to conclude my presentation by thanking those who read me and doing his best wishes to all dog lovers and they can always have the greatest satisfaction from their four-legged friends

Buy a puppy

Buy a puppy you like to buy a German Shepherd puppy?

Send us an email with the sex of the animal you want and the date on which you want to happen instead delivery. Please note that you can visit us anytime to see our farm or request additional information.


Cassano has always been the family passion for puppies and working in the peace of mind and reliability ensuring safe and healthy puppies.

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